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Earth Rope Pot Plant


Earth Rope Pot Plant is publication and project arising from the partnership initiated in 2013 between Narelle Dore and Sigrid Volders.

" Published in 2015, this book attempts to document the last two years of collaboration in a way that is neither chronological nor comprehensive, but rather suggestive and selective so to be understood as a book on contemporary craft. The book is therefore not a traditional “How to Macrame a Plant Holder” handbook, for example, but rather a “How you could make or view a Plant Holder” workbook. The book is a potential answer to the current and creative context that surrounds Sigrid and Narelle – a frozen documentation of the continuous flow of exchanges that take place between different disciplines and fields of interest.

In relation to the rhizome, EARTH.ROPE.POT.PLANT has established firm roots with other artists and collectives. They share the same interest in nature and handicrafts as well as sharing a common approach to work in line with the philosophy behind Arte Povera or Wabi-Sabi, namely intuitively working with natural materials and simple subjects. This approach gives way to an acute sensitivity for composition and a desire for truth therein, which inevitably leaves room for imperfection. For example; asymmetry, roughness, irregularity, austerity and intimacy make up the naïve integrity and fundamental characteristics of EARTH.ROPE.POT.PLANT. "

The Book include an audio CD : Music For Mimosa Pudica & Codariocalyx by David Edren. More information :

- A5
- Audio CD
- 152 pages + Cover
- Hand Bound
- High quality digital Color Print
- Printed in Belgium
- Limited to 250 copies
- Hand-numbered
- Language : English