Sigrid Volders - Cup Set C

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Sigrid Volders - Cup Set C

Cup set C by Sigrid Volders, ideal for a tea ceremony for two.

Active as a ceramic artist since 2013, Sigrid Volders’ practice is composed of hand-built and more academically thrown pieces. Through the palette existing in her body of work, Sigrid demonstrates an ability to execute at once technique, freedom, and detachment; this translates in her pieces by a distinct and immediate feeling of honesty and intimacy. Sigrid’s interest in the medium was initiated byways of her affiliation with Earth Rope Pot Plant, encouraging her to engage in a part-time education at Academie Beeldende Kunsten.

More information:

- Unique edition
- Set of two pieces
- Dishwasher resistant
- Size: 7 cm diameter, 4 cm high
- Handmade in Belgium, 2019
- Stamped on the back by the potter
- Exclusive to Bonjour Supermarket

Photographs by Johanna Tagada Hoffbeck